The Discord Community that Accepts All Regardless of Who You Are, Period.

Where Connections Are Made

xHearts can help you connect to new people: make it be a boy or a girl, a gamer or a musician, a cinematographer or a motorbiker. There's always someone to talk to when you help start a nice conversation.

Why Should You Join?

xHearts isn't your normal community: we help each other grow massively.

Supportive and Protective

The xHearts Community is here to support you: so, feel free to be yourself, as long as it's nothing that'll hurt everyone else. If someone tries to stop you or make you feel bad about it, the amazing staff team is here to make sure that stops and that you can go back to being who you are: not who they want you to be.

Data and Privacy Protection

xHearts strives to make sure your personal data and privacy is both protected and, if needed to be stored, secured as much as possible. All payment info is locked down and only avaliable to xHearts C-Level and the Knox Financial Team and nothing in chats are logged at all.

Not-For-Profit Means Not-Gonna-Sell-Your-Data

The xHearts Organization is a not-for-profit organization, which means we aren't going to try to sell your data for profit. Instead, we'll ask for simple donations when the year is coming to a close to help pay for our domain name and any monthly services we pay for to keep xHearts running on all the cylinders that it should be.


Hear what members of xHearts have to say.

My opinion on xHearts so far is that the community is very welcoming, extremely helpful when needed, and surprisingly humorous sometimes when it comes to sarcastic remarks or memes


Well, it's truely one of the best servers I've been in the staffs amazing generaly everyone is nice and there is always someone on to help you out if you need it


xHearts is like your average community: we'll have some problems every now and then, but they get resolved super fast by, in my opinion, the best staff team ever.


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